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Looking for a family-friendly activity that can help you talk about COVID prevention with your elementary student? Download and print any of these activity sheets.

Pick and choose the sheets that interest you, or click the button below to download all of the sheets at once.

Free for families and educators.

Slow the Spread

Owen needs your help in slowin' down the spread of COVID!

Wear a Mask

Can you design a mask for Owen?

Social Distancing

Learn why it's important to stay six feet away when you play.

Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands (or paws) clean is important in slowing the spread of COVID.

Stay at Home

Sometimes, the safest way to stop the spread of COVID is to stay at home.

Trace the Letters

Practice your letter writing while learning how to slow the spread of COVID germs.

Word Jumble

Unscramble the letters to find the words!

Six Feet Away

Practice keeping six feet of distance with this pet-friendly activity.

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